About Orson

ORSON is a cutting-edge technology solution that simplifies the preparation of the Non-Financial Information Statement (EINF) in compliance with Law 11/2018. It’s a comprehensive platform where organizations can easily manage and input necessary data across various sections including social and environmental aspects, electrical consumption, raw materials, waste, and taxes. With ORSON, the EINF is automatically generated, allowing users to effortlessly download the report, saving time, money, and effort.

The collaboration

The collaboration between Exo and Orson began nearly three years ago, at the start of 2021. Since then, the partnership has flourished, continuously evolving to meet the demands of the project.


Before Orson, Crowe would send a consultant to each company to ask questions and gather all the information that is now simply uploaded to the platform. Coordinating meetings with heads of each department was necessary, and the process required substantial effort in terms of both gathering information and then generating the report according to regulations.

Now, with Orson’s platform, companies can subscribe to Orson and create user accounts for their employees, who then systematically upload the required information. This streamlines the entire process, saving valuable time and resources.

Users can complement their entries with comments and upload supporting documents and files. The structured data input ensures all necessary information is captured efficiently.

Once all the data is entered, users can then export the information in the specific report format required by the Spanish government to comply with Law 11/2018 on Non-Financial Information and Diversity. This law, which originates from EU regulations, applies to companies with more than 250 employees and mandates the submission of a non-financial character report.

Exo’s solution

For the development of Orson, the following technical aspects were integral:


  • Programming language: Typescript
  • Framework: NestJs, paired with Type ORM
  • Database: MySQL
  • Authentication System: Keycloak
  • Client-side:

  • Programming language: Javascript
  • Libraries: React, ReactRouter, i18n, Axios, and AntDesign
  • Infrastructure:

  • AWS services: EC2 and S3
  • Code repositories and CI/CD: Gitlab
  • Containerization: Docker
  • Multilingual support:

    The platform is accessible in both English and Spanish, with plans to add Catalan in the future.

    While scalability is not a primary concern due to the platform’s low consumption, the combination of these technologies ensures a robust, efficient, and user-friendly solution.

    Benefits of Orson

    Orson significantly simplifies the consultant’s workload, eliminating the need for physical travel, and transforms their role from operational to supervisory, overseeing all the necessary information. Plus, the platform’s capabilities allow consultants to oversee multiple companies simultaneously which results in considerable cost and time savings for Crowe Spain.

    To this day, we continue to develop new features for the system, including the ability to import information from pre-formatted Excel files and new functionalities that integrate with other systems.

    Stakeholders & Development

    Stakeholders: The auditors, who previously managed the manual process.
    Team: 1 Delivery Manager, 1 Technical Lead, 1 Full-stack developer