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Trusted by companies all over the world

Trusted by companies all
over the world

Our Flutter app development expertise

MVP Flutter development

Need a functional prototype to test your business concept? Our MVP development services bring your ideas to market in record time, enabling rapid validation and adjustments based on real user feedback.

Flutter app design

Our Design Studio excels in crafting compelling user interfaces and seamless user experiences for Flutter applications. From initial wireframes to final prototypes and thorough usability testing, we ensure your app stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Flutter app development

Launch high-impact mobile applications tailored to your specific business needs. As a premier Flutter development firm, we specialize in creating custom, engaging applications that deliver measurable results.

Flutter web development

Leverage Flutter’s versatility to build dynamic web applications. Our development team utilizes the latest tools, including Dart, Flutter SDK, and Flutter DevTools, to deliver web apps that perform flawlessly across all browsers and devices.

Flutter apps for IoT devices

Develop sophisticated applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). We utilize Flutter’s rich widget suite and essential tools to create intuitive interfaces for smart devices, ensuring seamless interaction and connectivity.

Flutter app support and maintenance

Count on our expert team for comprehensive technical support and ongoing maintenance. We ensure your Flutter application remains current, performs optimally, and continues to meet evolving market demands.

Why choose Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s innovative open-source framework designed to revolutionize the way apps are developed. It allows developers to craft aesthetically pleasing, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded platforms from a unified codebase.

Single codebase, multiple platforms

Flutter’s unique ability to deploy on multiple platforms from a single codebase means faster development times and consistent functionality across all devices.

Powered by Dart

Flutter uses Dart, a language created by Google that is tailored for fast, scalable applications across any platform. Dart compiles into native code for stellar performance.

Speed and performance

With Flutter, your app runs directly on the machine, translating to rapid startup times and smooth operations. It compiles to ARM or Intel machine code as well as JavaScript, ensuring top performance wherever it runs.

Hot reload for rapid iteration

The Hot Reload feature significantly enhances productivity by allowing developers to see changes in real-time without restarting the application or losing its state.

Design freedom

Flutter gives you full control over every pixel on the screen, making it possible to create customized, adaptive designs that provide an excellent user experience on any device size.

Hire Flutter developers

Dedicated Flutter expertise

We assemble our Flutter development squads based on a balanced mix of expertise and seniority, ensuring each team is perfectly equipped to handle the unique challenges of your project.

Exceptional user experience

Our developers are adept at navigating the intricate landscape of mobile app design, consistently delivering innovative solutions that enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

Flexible engagement models

Whether you require full-time dedication, part-time assistance, or project-based engagement, Exo provides the flexibility to scale and adapt as your project demands.

Quality and outcome-focused

From the onset of each project, we engage in a deep understanding of the business objectives you aim to achieve. This outcomes-first methodology ensures that every process is executed with precision and aligns with your strategic goals.

Build the perfect solution with the right team

Build the perfect solution with the right team