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Is your company fully leveraging its data potential? Boost your competitiveness with our expert consultancy in data and artificial intelligence.

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Trusted by companies all over the world

Trusted by companies all
over the world

Transforming data into knowledge

Today, businesses don’t just use data – they’re swamped by it. There’s so much information coming from everywhere, and it’s hard to make sense of it all. That’s where we come in. Our data solutions are designed to address this exact challenge, providing a pathway through the increasingly intricate web of data. We figure out how your company handles data, then we set up systems and methods to manage and use all that info intelligently. It’s about turning a flood of data into something you can use.

Our data solutions

Data modernization

Make your data ready for the cloud and enhance your company’s agility, security, scalability, and collaborative capability.

Data analysis

Our team examines the data throughout your organization to answer key questions. Where should you store your data? How can you protect it? What value does your data hold?

Data processing

Improve operational management. Consolidate and structure various company sectors to guarantee process traceability.

Dashboard visualization

Efficiently assess all your business data and integrate insights from diverse sources. We also offer support in Business Intelligence (BI) and technical visualization for ML & AI Engineers.

Data governance

  • Data quality: Making sure your data is accurate and reliable.
  • Master data management: Organizing your core data so it’s consistent and easy to access.
  • Data lineage & catalog: Knowing where your data comes from and what’s available.
  • Data visualization

  • Business intelligence: Turning data into easy-to-understand visuals that help make decisions.
  • Data discovery: Helping you find and understand your data.
  • Analytics & BI self-service: Tools that let you explore your data without needing a data scientist.
  • Descriptive analytics: Understanding the story your data tells about what has happened.
  • Data platform

  • Onboarding data lake: Collecting your data in one accessible place.
  • Data warehouse modernization: Updating your systems to store data more efficiently.
  • Data lakehouse implementation: Creating a hybrid approach that combines the best of data lakes and warehouses.
  • Data mesh architecture: Designing a system that allows data to flow freely and securely.
  • Data modeling & big data landscape: Making sense of large volumes of data.
  • Data engineering

  • Data pipeline orchestration: Streamlining how data moves through your systems.
  • ETL/ELT development: Converting data into a format that’s ready for analysis.
  • APIs/Data services: Creating applications to access and interact with your data.
  • DataOps: Improving the processes that keep your data flows smooth.
  • Developing a data-driven mindset

    In a world where data shapes decisions, developing a data-driven mindset is key. Explore how strategy, architecture, and intelligence become the pillars of your organization’s future.


    + Understanding your data potential: Evaluating your current capabilities and planning for growth.

    +Building the right team: Structuring your team with the right roles and skills.

    +Learning about data: Educating your team about data and its possibilities.

    +Embracing change: Fostering a culture that leverages data for decisions.

    Data architecture

    + Choosing your tech stack: Deciding on the right tools for data ingestion, analysis, and governance.

    +Embracing the cloud: Leveraging cloud platforms for data management.

    +Optimizing data operations: Consulting on best practices for efficient data management.

    Business Intelligence

    + Empowering self-service: Enabling your team to access and understand data themselves.

    +Visualizing data: Advising on the best ways to present your data.

    +Choosing the right tools: Helping you select the best tools for data sharing and reporting.

    User experience
    Our UX/UI design specialists work closely with your team to help you innovate.

    Time to market
    We rely on cross-functional teamwork and best development practices for fast time to market.

    Feature-packed apps
    We excel at crafting useful features and functionality for your app.

    Agility & Flexibility
    We rely on agile methodologies to adapt quickly to your business needs.

    Clear Communication
    We know that availability and accurate communication are key to long-term relationships.

    We pay attention to every detail along the development cycle, offering advice to you at every step of the way.

    Tech Stack

    Our tech stack is carefully selected to provide unparalleled data solutions. Our solutions scale effortlessly, handling small to complex data ecosystems. This empowers enterprises to make informed, data-driven decisions, leading to enhanced business outcomes.

    Custom solutions

    The way companies organize their data is unique and should be analyzed separately for the best results. Our custom data solution relies on a thorough understanding of organizational needs, planning, and creating a strategy that involves all aspects of data processing within a company. This approach enables you to create meaningful reports, maximizing the potential of information you gather about your business, clients, or business environment.

    Working with you

    Designing solutions

    We use Design Thinking to create scalable and reusable solutions for various challenges.

    Agile implementation

    Our approach involves regular check-ins and quick sprints, allowing us to adapt and refine solutions swiftly.

    Learn, measure, build

    Adopting Lean methodologies, we aim to deliver valuable products quickly, continuously refining our solutions based on real-world feedback and impact analysis.

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