Matillion consulting services

Exomindset Matillion experts assist you in streamlining and accelerating the integration of cloud-based ELT solutions into your modern data stack.


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Trusted by companies all over the world

Trusted by companies all
over the world

Matillion silver partners

As a Matillion Silver Partner, we’re part of an elite group of global consulting firms recognized for their expertise and excellence in leveraging Matillion’s cloud-native data integration tools.

Accelerate data
with Matillion

Matillion acts as the seamless catalyst for migrating your business data to the cloud. As a certified Matillion Partner, Exomidset offers expert Matillion engineers and architectural assessments for cloud migration and data warehouse implementation projects. Our expert data team has implemented Matillion across a wide range of industries, enabling rapid data transformation, advanced analytics, and faster business decision-making.

Our Matillion solutions

Evaluation & implementation

Our data experts will assess your current data environment and collaborate with you to create and execute an implementation plan, ensuring a swift and efficient setup.

Data source Integration

We assist in integrating your cloud data warehouse with a variety of common data sources, utilizing Matillion’s extensive range of pre-built connectors.

Custom connectors for Matillion

Have a custom or uncommon data source? No problem. Our data engineering team can develop a custom connector to ensure all your data sources are integrated.

Data modeling & orchestration

Our team can help you create advanced data orchestration and transformation models, scaling your data operations and swiftly turning raw data into actionable insights.

Health Check

Our data experts will conduct a comprehensive audit of your Matillion instance, identifying issues and providing detailed recommendations to maximize your investment.

Why Choose Exomindset?

Exomindset’s data team experts guide you in building your data pipeline with Matillion, transforming it into visualizations that enable data-driven decisions. Our team ensures Matillion is implemented to deliver the best possible business outcomes for your organization.

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