About Findex

Findex is a leading provider of financial advisory and accounting services in Australasia. In the competitive industry known as wealth management, the company is renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation.


Recently, the Findex team faced a challenge common in their industry: how to make the client data collection process for investment and retirement planning more efficient. Historically, this required extensive interviews, followed by the laborious task of interpreting and manually documenting the collected information into disparate systems. This was time-consuming and limited Findex’s ability to scale its services.

The solution

When Findex approached us with this issue, our team developed an innovative solution consisting of a system capable of transcribing audio from client interviews into text with high accuracy.

This technology can identify who said what during the interviews, automatically extracting, calculating, and interpreting the necessary information to complete investment and retirement documents in an automated manner.

It also incorporates a review module that identifies sections of the documents where the information certainty is low, marking them for manual review. By indicating the exact source of the text and the audio from which each data point was extracted, we have significantly reduced the overall process time.

Impact and results

This development will allow Findex to scale the number of managed interviews without the need to increase its staff and reduce the time an advisor spends collecting information for each client from 8 hours to just 1 hour.

Team and collaboration

The collaboration between Findex and Exomindset is a testament to the power of artificial intelligence in transforming industries, enhancing processes, and fostering growth.

The partnership between Findex and Exomindset goes beyond wealth management. We’re rolling out comparable solutions within Findex’s Human Resources department. Here, our cutting-edge technology automatically transcribes and interprets interviews with candidates, generating insightful reports that streamline the hiring process. Furthermore, we’re in the process of creating a sophisticated system that suggests candidates for new roles by leveraging our comprehensive database. This accelerates the recruitment process and guarantees that only the most qualified candidates are considered. Our selection criteria extend beyond mere resumes, incorporating evaluations from our seasoned experts.