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Trusted by companies all over the world

Trusted by companies all
over the world

Expanding horizons

The link between technology and finance is a response to changes in the financial markets and the ever-growing expectations of clients. From mobile banking to payment and investment applications to digitalized banking systems to cryptocurrency, the fintech revolution is expanding the horizon of financial services.

Areas of Fintech expertise

Payment solutions

Whether payment gateways or portals, we develop, scale, and customize payment processing solutions to help your customers feel confident about the way they buy.


We create tailored e-wallets based on your requirements: the ability to handle credit and debit cards, direct access to bank accounts, receipt generation, archiving, contactless payments, etc.

Digital Banking

Build or extend a banking product that users love with a fully user-oriented approach. From creating a secure IT infrastructure for data processing to automating back-office processes to security and penetration testing.

Lending solutions

We develop custom lending software for banks, enterprises, and startups that speeds up loan delivery and guarantees well-decision making.

Custom integrations

We help integrate with third-party systems or make your financial solutions part of a bigger software ecosystem.

UX design & Data visualization

User experience has become a critical component of any financial software or application designed for end consumers. Our UX & UI relies on best practices to craft the perfect design.

Custom Fintech solutions

Whether you’re a retail company, a distributor, a manufacturer, or a wholesaler, we’ve got what it takes to help you stand out in the eCommerce market.

Mobile payment

Digital banking


Digital banking

Money transaction platforms engineering

Maintenance and modernization of existing services

Maintenance and modernization of existing services

The future of fintech is mobile

The growth of financial mobile applications has been incredible over the past few years. This trend has been largely rooted in consumer usage: about 90% of US consumers spend their mobile time in apps, according to inside intelligence. Today we can credit dues, check account balances, pay utility bills, deposit checks, and buy stock or cryptocurrency through our mobile devices. It’s a win-win solution: it doesn’t just provide benefits for end-users, it also brings plenty of advantages for businesses:

Reduced operational and transactional costs

Improved communication with customers

Enhanced security

Better user engagement

Another marketing channel

Build the perfect fintech solution with the right team

Kickstart your digital transformation strategy