The global phenomenon of live commerce has firmly established its presence, sparking discussions and debates since its inception in Asia. While opinions may differ on its potential in Western markets, one thing is certain: live shopping is soaring to new heights.

Combining the allure of traditional in-store experiences with the convenience of online shopping, live commerce transcends mere transactions. It fosters engagement, injects fun into the buying process, and cultivates lasting trust between brands and consumers.

What is live shopping?

Live shopping is a marketing strategy centered on livestreaming, where a host showcases products and viewers can purchase them in real-time. This dynamic approach not only allows brands to engage with their customers and target audience directly on their websites and social media channels but also extends to influencers and everyday individuals. Platforms such as Amazon Live and Poshmark’s Posh Shows enable anyone to conduct engaging livestreams, contributing to the widespread adoption of live shopping.

The evolution of live shopping

The idea of utilizing live video to promote products and motivate individuals to make purchases is not a novel concept. The Home Shopping Network was the trailblazer in this regard, introducing the notion of televised sales pitches for consumer items such as home goods, beauty products, and fashion in the 1980s. They would encourage viewers to place orders for products they had just seen on their television screens by making a simple phone call.

Today’s version of this practice remains quite similar, with only a few changes: television has been replaced by mobile phones, TV networks have been swapped out for social media platforms, and “Call Now” hotlines have given way to Buy Now buttons. Nevertheless, the fundamental elements of social selling remain consistent: there is still a real-time feedback mechanism for buyers, which includes product reviews, demonstrations, and the opportunity to pose questions.

How does live shopping work?

Live shopping operates based on three fundamental components.

  • It utilizes a video format.
  • It occurs in real-time, as opposed to being prerecorded.
  • It directs viewers to products they can purchase, often through links, tags, pinned comments, and various other online elements.

Live Shopping in Shopify

Live shopping experiences are increasingly popular within Shopify, offering businesses a dynamic and interactive way to showcase their products and engage with their audience. By harnessing the power of live streaming features, Shopify stores can create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, ultimately enhancing customer engagement and driving sales.

Getting started with Live Shopping in Shopify

Select up to 10 products to showcase, focusing on bestsellers or recent releases. This simplifies your messaging and promotion efforts.

1- Choose a date and time that suits your audience, avoiding peak shopping periods like Black Friday for your debut. Align with your audience’s time zone.

2- Decide on a format for your stream, such as interviews, tutorials, or behind-the-scenes glimpses. Outline the content accordingly.

3- Pick a platform for hosting; YouTube is a straightforward choice. Avoid spreading yourself thin by streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously.

4- Utilize your usual marketing channels to promote the event, emphasizing its length, discounts, and overall format.

5- Prepare your tech setup, ensuring you have the necessary equipment like a webcam, lighting, tripod, and relevant apps for your chosen format.

Live Shopping recommended platforms

Live shopping platforms offer accessible avenues for consumers, influencers, and brands to engage with products. Unlike live shopping tools, these platforms prioritize discoverability, allowing customers to explore various live shows independently of brand marketing efforts.

Here’s a rundown of some popular live shopping apps and platforms:

1- Amazon Live: Ideal for US Professional Sellers, Amazon Brand Registry members, or US Vendors with approved Amazon Stores, Amazon Live facilitates direct interaction between creators, brands, and shoppers. Its integrated product carousels enhance the shopping experience.

2- ShopShops: Catering to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products, ShopShops boasts a user base spanning the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Its mobile-centric approach favors vertical live videos, making it appealing to both brands and independent retailers.

3- TalkShopLive: This video commerce platform integrates seamless point-of-sale functionality within its player, attracting big retailers like Walmart and artists such as Kelly Clarkson. With tutorials, limited edition products, and shopping guides, TalkShopLive fosters connections between viewers and their favorite brands, and it can be seamlessly integrated into Shopify stores.

4- NTWRK: Geared toward Gen Z and millennial audiences, NTWRK’s website layout prioritizes product categories like shoes, art, and accessories. Both individuals and brands can apply to sell through NTWRK, leveraging its appeal to younger demographics.

Effective practices for Live Shopping

From offering exclusive incentives to collaborating with influencers, these practices are vital for maximizing engagement and driving sales in real time.

1- Offer exclusive incentives: Reward live viewers with unique offers like discount codes, freebies, or limited-edition products to fuel their FOMO.

2- Integrate with loyalty programs: Enhance viewer experience by tying live streams to loyalty programs, offering special perks for logged-in customers.

3- Demonstrate product expertise: Build trust by providing specific product insights tailored to viewers’ needs, avoiding generic claims.

4- Collaborate with influencers: Partner with personalities your audience loves to boost engagement and expand reach.

5- Prioritize authenticity: Foster two-way interaction to build genuine connections and drive sales effectively.

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