In 2021, Argentina’s leading frozen food marketplace faced a considerable challenge: after an unsatisfactory experience with a previous provider, GoFriz needed a robust and efficient software solution for its e-commerce platform. The objective was not just to fix existing issues but also to continuously improve and advance the platform.

Exo’s Solution

Our evolutionary maintenance strategy proved to be the perfect fit for GoFriz. With a time and materials agreement in place, we dedicated ourselves to continuously refining and upgrading the GoFriz system, ensuring a consistent focus on error resolution and system enhancement.

Implemented Innovations:

Carrito Inteligente
We developed a module specifically designed to improve users’ visibility of various benefits and offers to assist them in building their cart optimally to access discounts and free shipping.

Referral module
We helped increase the customer base with a new referral system. In this system, each user shares a unique code. When a new customer uses this code for their first purchase, it rewards the referring user with a discount, effectively drawing in new customers.

Integration with logistics apps
We implemented tools like Persat to automate delivery flows and improve communication with Magento, including sending automated emails with updates on order status.

Marketing automation with Emblue
We set up marketing flows to launch targeted campaigns, handle abandoned carts, and celebrate special occasions like birthdays with personalized communications.

Desktop and mobile platform optimization
We implemented significant enhancements to the speed and agility of the GoFriz platform, including system architecture changes and resource optimization.

Scheduling module
We introduced an option for users to schedule their order deliveries, enhancing customer experience and reducing customer service inquiries and time.

Future Implementations

Currently, our team is developing an omnichannel bot (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram) for handling inquiries, and further automating and optimizing customer service.

Impact and results

Exo’s contribution has been instrumental in helping GoFriz not only overcome its initial challenges but also in fostering the growth of its online business and providing strategic support during significant sales events like CyberMonday and BlackFriday. Furthermore, GoFriz has successfully established and met clear, measurable quarterly goals (OKRs), highlighting the significant positive impact of our partnership.

Team and collaboration

The success of this project is owed to the collective effort of a dedicated tea. This includes Mariangeles Merlini, the eCommerce Leader at GoFriz, and members from Exo, comprising a Delivery Manager, a Full-stack Developer, and a Quality Assurance specialist all working in unison to elevate GoFriz to the next level.